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BLOWER-TECH SOLUTIONS has a fully equipped machine and installation shop on-site and offers and extensive inventory of blower spare parts for most blower manufacturers as well as genuine parts for VMS Blowers.

Our technicians are highly versed in blowers, blower systems, PTO’s and liquid pumps for all of your needs. We NEVER re-use bearings or seals, it’s only the best for our customers and their valuable equipment.


  • Blowers
  • Custom Mobile & Stationary Blower Packages
  • Vacuum Blowers & Pumps
  • High Vacuum Pumps
  • Vane Pumps


  • Replacement of ALL bearings, seals, ring holders, seal ring bushings and rings
  • Rotors inspected, welded and machined to their original sizes for a proper clearance fit
  • Re-machined end-plates, as required
  • Sandblasted to remove rust and grime
  • Fresh paint for blower exterior

restoreWe also offer sales and service on process vacuum pumps from rough to ultra-high applications. Repairs are fully tested and overhauls are to OEM spec and complete. Our work is fully warrantied for 90 days. Pumps also can be cleaned to food grade spec before returning to service.

If, on disassembly, anything other than standard overhauls is noted by our technician on initial inspection, it will be quoted separately in order that you have all relevant information and options available to you.

We seek to work WITH maintenance departments and heads and offer our assistance and training to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.


Blower-Tech Solutions proudly
uses and sells 
Amsoil Products.


SC_007 BTS Product Brochure 
SC_007 BTS Product Brochure